It's Platform




Junior Boys, İlhan Erşahin

9 Designers:

Baran Baran, Bora Aksu, Derin Sarıyer, Emel Kurhan, Eray Makal, Erdem Akan, Koray Birand, Lastik Pabuç, Murat Türkili


With the use of 35 containers, Camilati Dock was transformed into a temporary events venue. While authenticity of the industrial materials  and their raw quality was preserved, different spaces of use such as a theater, basketball court, exhibition space and a pop up store were built within the space which gave an impression of a construction site. For three days this space accommodated events such as: Efes Pilsen-New York City All Stars basketball game, Nike Air Force 1 exhibition, film screenings, a dance workshop, numerous concert and parties.

The closing event was held on the last night of the event series welcomed over 1500 guests. While screening spot films on container doors, mapping projections systems were used in order to  highlight historical characteristics of the structure, cranes were utilized as stages for surprise performances by artists such as Junior Boys and Ilhan Ersahin , an unforeseeable experience was delivered all night long to the guests who have never been in the space before.


Camialtı Dock


Jiwon Baik

Architectural Team:

Urak Tekgöz, Işıl Sipal