It's NMD_Sounds

adidas Originals
To develop the NMD story amongst Istanbul streetwear audience through the campaign ‘Reclaim the future. Discover the past.’ by using digital and printed media channels. To express a visual idea that marries the world of sound technology with the world of sound memory. The idea of ‘the future should be connected with the past’ was realized through reclaiming selected abandoned spaces which have witnessed amazing memories and have been long forgotten. 3 artists made field recordings on these spaces and turned them into music in their own fashion, bringing the sound back to life through the help of latest technologies

To represent the future with a highly futuristic sound recording set, three sound artists were selected as the active mediators between the past and future, and collected sounds from selected abandoned places in İstanbul. The memory of the past was represented by archival images through a professional photo shoot.


Going beyond layers of history in the city to discover what these memories could inspire and reflect the spirit of the urban explorer, we reclaimed specific abandoned spaces of the city. Through photos and sounds, we explored those spaces’ audio visual memories by using current technology and brought them back to life.



The sound compositions made from the recorded sounds and the archival images have been linked together on a special micro site which was hosted and communicated through Zero İstanbul- İstanbul’s most read city magazine. In addition to the digital platform, the magazine’s print version was also appropriated with a special campaign that featured three different cover versions, one for each producer.
The magazine was printed, 30.000 copies in total was distributed over 450 points in the city.
İpek Görgün, Gurur Delen, Filiz Sert