It's Istanbul Design Guide

Full Name:
Istanbul Design Guide


A project by:
Marco Samichelli and Baris Bilenser


Project Description:

Music events, cultural activities and nightlife entertainment are among the many tools we have at our disposal for discovering the city’s daily life on, and its monthly action in our published magazine. The design guide provides an overview of fifty architectures that have changed the landscape and the nature of urban relations from the Eighties up to now: they may not always be the best ones, but they are definitely among the most influential ones. By observing the present we try to imagine the form of Istanbul to come in the future.



Designers who attended the workshops, which went on for 2 days in Borusan Music House after the magazine has been published, represented their own Istanbul through illustration and graphic design. Zaha Hadid Architects, Nevzat Sayın, Aziz Sarıyer were among the artists who designed covers for Istanbul Design Guide. The covers were later showcased at the museum entrance.


MINI, Becks


Project Partner:
Edizioni Zero


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