It's Istanbul Hood Runners

Challenge: To integrate the fun side of running into neighborhoods and create a running community including people who have never run before.
Set-Up: 3 teams were formed to create Nişantaşı, Galata and Moda Hood Runners; consisting of creative heads that had a passion to run. The team members were chosen from the locals of that neighborhood to inject the fun side of running into the area with a diverse talent level varying from photography to DJing to singing to tattooing to graphic design. These teams had to gather once a week in their individual neighborhoods and lead their local crowd on a 3km run. Posters were distributed around town promoting the team indicating meet-up locations and times of each run.


Experience: Moda Hood Runners, Galata Hood Runners and Nisantasi Hood Runners began their weekly runs in May. A hotspot (MOC, Walter’s Coffee, Federal Cafe) was picked in each neighborhood as the starting point for the runs. The hotspots featured boards with pictures of the team along with sign-up sheets and running routes. A second hotspot was designated as the changing location for runners which also had info about the run. Each week, e-mails were sent to those who signed up to be a part of the running team to give info about the run of that week.


Each run began at the hotspot and ended on an event site that the team members picked for that week. The events encouraged locals to join the team and underlined the fun side of running as a sport and varied from a barbecue at Soho House to a party at W Hotel to drinks & finger food at Bina.