It's Hood Runners Kick Off Party

Set-Up: 3 teams were formed to create Nişantaşı, Galata and Moda Hood Runners; consisting of creative heads that had a passion to run. The team members were chosen from the locals of that neighborhood to inject the fun side of running into the area with a diverse talent level varying from photography to DJing to singing to tattooing to graphic design.

Kick-Off: Each team gathered people from their own neighborhood before the event to meet up at a local spot the day of. Accompanied by flags, torches, blasting music and loud members, hood runners ran to the coastline from 3 different starting points.

Experience: Team members and local guests were picked up by boat to enjoy a couple hours of a unique provincial experience: a tour on the Bosphorus. Yeme İçme İşleri was on board to create delicious treats, as well as Smirnoff who provided custom-made cocktails. Local DJs and GIRLS DO IT BETTER played tunes until 12:00am when the boat dropped off all guests in the three neighborhoods.

Artists: Age Reform, Da Poet, Girls Do It Better (FR)