It's Guerilla Event No.1


DID (IT), Sergio Ricciardone (IT)


Even though there is an ever-increasing number of foreign artists and musicians coming to Istanbul to perform, most of the events take place in limited number of venues which are designed for concerts and performances. When it comes to putting on events, It also becomes more apparent that city’s repertoire in terms of venues is very limited.

Guerrilla Event experimented with transforming metropolitan parking lots, usually seamless with the busy streets of central Istanbul into impromptu party venues.

For the first event, 200 guests were invited earlier in the day by text message; they were asked to show the message to a street seller who was waiting to guide them to a parking lot situated just off Asmalimescit, one of Istanbul’s busiest nightlife hot spots. The guests were shown in through the closed doors of the parking lot and welcomed by an experimental performance by the Italian indie band DID. The band started playing among the audience and in keeping with pop-up nature of their surroundings continued to perform with no pre-planned mise en scene. As the night came to an end and the guests left the venue dispersing into the bustle of Asmalimescit, the parking lot resumed its everyday functionality.




Olmeca, Levi’s