It's for Absolut Vodka

Absolut Flats

In order to recreate four different eras individually from 70s to 2000s for “Absolut Flats” event, each flat of an apartment block was designed in a way to embody the spirit of the subjected period.

Absolut Blank Launch

On a 12 meter long platform shaped as a giant Absolut Vodka bottle, guests were not only able to contemplate projects of video art artists from various disciplines but also became part of one of the interactive video art pieces.

!f It’s Absolut

By projecting brand visuals on the historical texture of Old Elhamra Theather using digital mapping approach, a bond between past and future was constituted thus the timeless quality of the brand was emphasized and communicated to the guests .

Apartman No.3

Inhabiting every single room of a renovated inn, works of installation, photography and video art produced by both Turkish and Italian artists led guests to a journey which took notion of superstition as point of departure.

Guerilla Event No.2

An actively working parking lot in Karakoy was redesigned with pixel art theme, taking guests on a walk down the memory lane.

Apartman No.2

Botter Han designed by Raimondo D’Aronco, one of the first art-nouveau structures in the world, was transformed into an events venue exclusively for a night.

Apartman No.1

Each floor hosted an exhibition by different artists. The guests experienced the artworks in a vertical order without any hierarchy.

Zero Istanbul Launch

The old energy museum opened its doors for the first time for the launch event of new Istanbul edition of Zero Magazine.