Full Name:
Club To Club Festival Istanbul 2014 “#C2CISTONIGHT”


Artists & Line-up:
Oneohtrix Point Never (US) a/v live – Istanbul premiere, Zomby (UK) live – Istanbul premiere, Mouse On Mars (DE) a/v live, Forest Swords (UK) a/v live – Istanbul premiere, The Haxan Cloak (UK) live – Istanbul premiere, Deniz Kurtel (TR) live, Lucy (IT) dj set – Istanbul premiere, Evian Christ (UK) dj set – Istanbul premiere, Tom Trago (NL) dj set, Young Echo Showcase (UK) w/ Vessel, Jabu, Killing Sound – Istanbul premiere, Mssingno (UK) dj set – Istanbul premiere, İnsanlar (TR) live, Casper Clausen [Efterklang] (DK) dj set – Istanbul premiere, El Mahdy Jr (DZ) dj set, Kaan Duzarat (TR) dj set, Batu (TR) dj set, Arman Akıncı (TR) dj set, Bant Magazine DJ’s (TR), Ahu (TR) dj set, Daire 2: General Gramofon (TR) live, Sami Baha (TR) live, Ah! Kosmos (TR) live, Dalt Wisney (TR) live, Seretan (TR) live, Çerikunda (TR) dj set


#C2CISTONIGHT” hosted many thrilling names in the contemporary electronic and pop music scene over two days. Started with an opening of Oneohtrix Point Never act at Salon IKSV on Friday April 18th. On the following day, “#C2CISTONIGHT” spread all over at places such as Salt Beyoğlu, Kontraplak, Robinson Crusoe Kitabevi, Analog Kültür, Urban Cafe with mini concerts, autograph sessions, DJ sets, acoustic performances, conversations and special discounts. When the night settled in, the festival was headed towards clubs like Babylon, Salon IKSV, Peyote, Pixie, Klub Karaoke & Kiki Sıraselviler, allowing the audience to choose their own path through the night, until the first rays of light in the morning.


Art Direction

Mona Mahall & Aslı Serbest


Babylon, Salon İKSV, Peyote, Pixie, Klub Karaoke, Kiki Sıraselviler, SALT Beyoğlu, Kontraplak, Urban Cafe, Analog Kültür, Robinson Crusoe Kitabevi


Title Partner:
TONIGHT It’s Your Time


Special Partner:
Alfa Romeo


Media Partners:
FACT, Zero Istanbul, Bant Magazine, Dinamo Fm 103.8, Bir+Bir,


The House Cafe, SAE İstanbul, Adahan Istanbul, Citta Di Torino, Regione Piemonte


Content Partner:
Red Bull Music Academy


Project Partner: