It's Air Max Day

Challenge: To create a full-day experience celebrating Nike’s Air Max model through the campaign Kiss My Airs and reveal the Vapor Max model in collaboration with the creator of Les Benjamins, Bünyamin Aydın.

Experience: “Air Quarters” was created at The Seed, Sakıp Sabancı Museum for a day for guests to experience the full Nike experience;

An influencer run was set for the morning where Istanbul’s “it crowd” went on a run with PRC; Paris’s most talked-about running crew on the coastline.
An Air Max wall showcased the history of the shoe model by featuring shoes from different eras. Talks were given throughout the afternoon featuring people like Deniz Koşan, Sinan Güler, Bünyamin Aydın and Trashhand to talk about art, food & beverages, sports and their experience with the brand and the model.
DJ’s played throughout the day on the terrace where guests had a chance to enjoy drinks and dance around.
An “Air Studio” was created which imitated the Air Max shoot for guests to have the Kiss My Airs shoot experience with a professional photographer, and the pictures were e-mailed for guests to share on their social media.
A reveal moment was designed by Bünyamin Aydın for Vapor Max, where groups of 30 visited a specially-designed room to showcase the new model. The reveal was supported by a dance choreography in a pitch-black room.
The night went on with DJs playing to a crowd of 500.