It's Absolut Flats


Absolut Vodka


Inspired from being “timeless”, It’s Istanbul contemplated its Absolut Flats project for Absolut Vodka designing each flat of an apartment block in a way to embody the spirit of a certain era and constructed a vertical time travel between each flat on different floors. While the guests toured between the historical periods throughout the event, there cultivated an experience cultivated where music of the subjected decade, colors, iconic products, architecture and clothing as well as the cocktails were on a shift, keeping the main ingredient of the cocktails; vodka remained the same. Thus the timeless nature of Absolut Vodka was emphasized. As for the 500 special guests who dressed up in periodic attire of their choice, first handedly became part of the event and contributed to generate a periodic atmosphere.


Barış K, Ayyuka, Undomondo, Aslı Ozdemir, Rokksas vs. Sukkas, Cağlar Kanzık


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