Tarmac Launch Event

Tarmac: A Global Bazaar For Street Culture Launch Event

Nike Air Max 270 Launch Campaign

We carried dreams into a digital world for the launch of Nike Air Max 270 React.

Year Zero Launch Event

Launch event of Year Zero, the independent magazine based in Istanbul about emerging global subcultures.

Nike Air Force 1 Campaign Video

An Instagram video production was made for the Air Force Sage Low model customized by Raisa & Vanessa.

Nike Tech Pack Instazine

An instazine was created for Nike Techpack communication.

Limits Off Tribe

A community called “Tribe” that reflect brand’s values has been created.

Hood Runners Zero Cover

34 individual covers, designed specifically for Istanbul’s hottest spots. Folded within the cover is a brochure that depicts the Hood Runners project, combining all that a neighborhood offers: locals, happening spots and running.

Istanbul Hood Runners

3 teams were formed to create Nişantaşı, Galata and Moda Hood Runners; consisting of creative heads that had a passion to run.

Hood Runners Kick Off Party

Each team members and local guests were picked up by boat to enjoy a couple hours of a unique provincial experience: a tour on the Bosphorus

Men’s Training Photo Shoot

A workout studio was constructed at Beykoz Kundura Fabrikası to create a training atmosphere for Kerem Bürsin’s Men’s Sporstwear shoot

Hood Runners Photo Shoot

3 teams were formed to create Nişantaşı, Galata and Moda Hood Runners; consisting of creative heads that had a passion to run. Each team was shot in their own neighbourhood using the local texture as the background.

Vapor Max Zero Cover

Zero Istanbul’s April Issue cover was designed using photographs from the KISS MY AIRS photoshoot. Bubble wrap was then applied on top of the photograph to create the airy feel of the soles of Vapor Max

Air Max Day

To create a full-day experience celebrating Nike’s Air Max model through the campaign Kiss My Airs and reveal the Vapor Max model in collaboration with the creator of Les Benjamins, Bünyamin Aydın.

KISS MY AIRS Photo Shoot

A collaboration was made with actor Dilan Deniz and basketball player Sinan Güler to be the face of Air Max’s new campaign, Kiss My Airs as well as the launch of Vapor Max.

adidas Future House

A new, unique cultural pop-up / hub / platform in the very heart of Istanbul – Karaköy- has been created where music, fashion and art met for seven weeks.


To represent the future with a highly futuristic sound project, three producers have been selected as the active mediators between past and future, and collected sounds from selected abandoned places in İstanbul.

Limits Off Digital Platform

Set off as a leading player of Istanbul’s electronic music culture, a digital platform has been created for having an organic bond between the brand and audience of the scene in Istanbul.

Limits Off Launch Event

In parallel with the motto ‘Be open to new experiences’, ‘Limits Off’ launch event took place in New Galata Bridge, the first to be organized at this important urban location.

H&M Launch Site

Microsite design, coding and content management including all the digital communication strategies and activities on social media channels.

H&M Flagship Store Opening

Covering the facade of the new flagship store of H&M at Bagdat Street with led balloons contains sensors, LEDs and microcontrollers for the opening.

“O” Magazine

With the rise of the Internet and the continuing decline of magazine sales, It’s Istanbul is bringing the number of it’s free magazines up to two.

Zero Design Festival 2014

During 3 days of workshops, talks and events, Zero Design Festival audience witnessed the birth of a new city magazine. The first issue of ‘O’, has been designed and produced live with the participation of key people of the city.

BFF Istanbul 2014

Bicycle Film Festival was in Istanbul for the 3rd time at It’s Open’s new location. The programme included screenings of short films from all around the world, workshops and games.


Building upon the concept of moving from a place to another in İstiklal Street’s most important and dynamic spots, #C2CISTONIGHT took over different spots by stretching festival schedule over two days.


ARCHIZINES is a travelling exhibition which offers an alternative to existing architecture press by bringing together new architecture fanzines, newspapers and magazines from all around the world.

Cityvision by Lumia

The idea comes from the superior cameras in Nokia’s new models and allows us to experience the social life in Istanbul through the eyes of active, young, dynamic city dwellers using Lumia’s objective.

BFF Istanbul 2013

BFF was in Istanbul for the second time with an amazing opening gig: Blonde Redhead, bicycle tour and screenings of short films on bicycle culture from all around the world.

Istanbul Running Guide

Istanbul Running Guide is a collaborative project between Zero and Nike acts as a guide for discovering and getting to know the city while running.

Airmax Studio

Visitors were provided with a micro-site and illustrated icons of important Warsaw architecture which helped them with designing their own labels describing their Air Max and Varsovian world.

RBMA Nights Corp. Identity

It’s Istanbul worked with Red Bull in bringing together all the music events that Red Bull Music Academy is organizing in Turkey under a singular visual framework.


The venues which are the major locations for electronic music in Istanbul are represented by a planet, offering a unique space trip to the audience with a single ticket for all.

Air Reinvented Studio

Two containers were transformed into a sticker factory for people to draw, produce, process and collect their stickers at the same time.


It’s Open is an event and exhibition space. It operates in three recycled/re-used containers, as part of the city’s high-speed and variable character.

Istanbul Design Guide

The design guide provides an overview of fifty architectures that have changed the landscape and the nature of urban relations from the Eighties up to now.

Apartman No.4

“That Was Now” is a museum residence day held on the 20th of October at the Borusan Music and Art House in Istanbul, to mark the first edition of the Istanbul Design Biennial.

BFF Istanbul 2012

For the first time, BFF was in Istanbul to raise and reinforce the postive profile of cyclists to celebrate bicycling in its myriad of forms.

C2C Alva Noto & Byetone

The Raster-Noton label masterminds presented their first live show in Istanbul with a unique visual and sound experience.

Peroni Istanbul Launch

An old arcade was transformed into a venue for a single night where guests were invited to experience modern Italian style and spirit in the most comfortable way possible.

Absolut Flats

In order to recreate four different eras individually from 70s to 2000s for “Absolut Flats” event, each flat of an apartment block was designed in a way to embody the spirit of the subjected period.

The Kobe Istanbul Tour

Unoccupied for years, Sheds of Camialti Dock were transformed into a huge event venue for the “The Kobe Istanbul Tour”.

Absolut Blank Launch

On a 12 meter long platform shaped as a giant Absolut Vodka bottle, guests were not only able to contemplate projects of video art artists from various disciplines but also became part of one of the interactive video art pieces.

C2C Istanbul 2011

An utopia of a country where there is freedom for everyone to dance was actualized under the theme of “State of Indepen/dance” as the second round of the festival in 2011.

!f It’s Absolut

By projecting brand visuals on the historical texture of Old Elhamra Theather using digital mapping approach, a bond between past and future was constituted thus the timeless quality of the brand was emphasized and communicated to the guests .

Apartman No.3

Inhabiting every single room of a renovated inn, works of installation, photography and video art produced by both Turkish and Italian artists led guests to a journey which took notion of superstition as point of departure.

C2C Istanbul 2010

When Istanbul held the European Capital of Culture title back in 2010, establishment of a cultural bridge between another capital of culture Torino, integrated the networks of both music and art of two cities together.


A temporary architectural structure of containers were assembled together in order to intervene and comment on event order which dominates performance and organization spaces.

Guerilla Event No.2

An actively working parking lot in Karakoy was redesigned with pixel art theme, taking guests on a walk down the memory lane.

Guerilla Event No.1

Guerrilla Event experimented with transforming metropolitan parking lots, usually seamless with the busy streets of central Istanbul into impromptu party venues.

Apartman No.2

Botter Han designed by Raimondo D’Aronco, one of the first art-nouveau structures in the world, was transformed into an events venue exclusively for a night.

Apartman No.1

Each floor hosted an exhibition by different artists. The guests experienced the artworks in a vertical order without any hierarchy.

Zero Istanbul Launch

The old energy museum opened its doors for the first time for the launch event of new Istanbul edition of Zero Magazine.

Zero Istanbul

Zero Istanbul, the most attentive, dynamic and entertaining arts & culture guide of Istanbul, offers updates on the city since 2009 and serves as an archive for the history of entertainment.

9 Magazine

9 Magazine is a special magazine in each issue with different theme and covering 9 people.