It's Desibel DJ Sets

Full Name:
Zero July 2015 Issue / Vestel Desibel Cover



A project by:
Zero Istanbul


Zero Magazine carried the latest product of Vestel, a worldwide consumer electronics and household appliances company, to its cover with a special and fun-to-use interactive design. Vestel Desibel K500 Bluetooth Headphones were produced in 4 different colors (red/white/black/yellow) and Zero July cover accordinly had 4 different versions with the colors of the headphone. The part and parcel of the Desibel Headphones was its being wireless, thus the idea immediately came up: You don’t need a cable to listen to music. A colorful wire was hanging from the cover of Zero, one end fixed to the headphone and the other swinging in space, once you pull it off, you “set the music free”: with a qr code leading you to one of four different DJ Sets mixed by talented local DJ’s.


Desibel DJ Sets:
House (mixed by Tufan Demir)
Hip Hop (mixed by Da Poet)
Indie (mixed by Alper Bahçekapılı)
Jazz (mixed by Ozan Maral-Deform-E)