It's Garanti Bank Ugi Cover

Full Name:
Zero Istanbul June 2016 Issue, Garanti Bank Ugi Cover


Garanti Bank


A project by:
Zero Istanbul


Challenge: Garanti Bank, being one of the leader banks of Turkey, launched a brand new technological character in order to reflect the Bank’s vision of being up-to-date and customer friendliness, approached us to publicize Ugi on Zero Istanbul’s cover page which is a perfect area for teasers.

Our creative team decided to combine technological application with Zero Istanbul’s cover. Ugi’s 2 different expressions were carried on Zero’s cover with a special application. Inside the cover, in the first 2 pages, the project continued with an hologram technology – accompanying a prism PVC and a QR code, which enables audience to scan the code, place the prism PVC upon their smartphones, and reveal the 3D video.

This project met the audience with Zero Istanbul’s monthly copy of 28000 and more than 480 distribution points which are strategically chosen as the City’s most tar