It's for Nike Turkey


Istanbul Running Guide

Istanbul Running Guide is a collaborative project between Zero and Nike acts as a guide for discovering and getting to know the city while running.


Air Reinvented Studio

Two containers were transformed into a sticker factory for people to draw, produce, process and collect their stickers at the same time.

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The Kobe Istanbul Tour

Unoccupied for years, Sheds of Camialti Dock were transformed into a huge event venue for the “The Kobe Istanbul Tour”.


C2C Istanbul 2011

An utopia of a country where there is freedom for everyone to dance was actualized under the theme of “State of Indepen/dance” as the second round of the festival in 2011.

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Apartman No.3

Inhabiting every single room of a renovated inn, works of installation, photography and video art produced by both Turkish and Italian artists led guests to a journey which took notion of superstition as point of departure.


C2C Istanbul 2010

When Istanbul held the European Capital of Culture title back in 2010, establishment of a cultural bridge between another capital of culture Torino, integrated the networks of both music and art of two cities together.



A temporary architectural structure of containers were assembled together in order to intervene and comment on event order which dominates performance and organization spaces.

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Guerilla Event No.2

An actively working parking lot in Karakoy was redesigned with pixel art theme, taking guests on a walk down the memory lane.

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Apartman No.2

Botter Han designed by Raimondo D’Aronco, one of the first art-nouveau structures in the world, was transformed into an events venue exclusively for a night.


Apartman No.1

Each floor hosted an exhibition by different artists. The guests experienced the artworks in a vertical order without any hierarchy.